An independent assessment of an individual's health supplement requirements         


The first step in a Nutrition Program

Pharmacists operate within an increasingly competitive retail environment.
Until now, there hasn't been a comprehensive platform to help Pharmacists
Build personal relationships with clients that also enables them to support
better health outcomes within their community.

NutriCheck provides this next
generation platform.

Who We Help

At NutriCheck our intention is to create healthier communities by providing personal nutrition insight.

Bringing healthy vision into action


- Create an healthy environment in which people want to belong

- More effectively guide health supplement sales

- Essential tool to bring about health changes

- Monitor your clients internal health status

- Communicate, interact and manage client relationships

Health Practitioners

- Recognise and address different health issues

- Provide personalised insight into nutrition and diet

- Create effective plans for healthier lifestyles

- Increase patient motivation and impetus for change

- Review and monitor your patient’s nutrition


- Recognise that good nutrition is the key to good health

- Access independent guidance and direction towards better health

- Understand and manage your nutritional requirements

- Focus on positive intention

- New paradigm for learning and self-management


"No more guessing which nutrients or foods customers require" 


              "In a world of a continuous flow of information, confused messages and quick solutions - Calanna Pharmacies have for many years welcomed the privilege of using Dr Mel Sydney-Smith's easy to use - Nutricheck. It is a tool that has allowed our team members to know very accurately what a person may require or be deficient in. The graph produced from the Questionnaire strengthens customer relationship as we are able to confidently help them. Resulting in a greater knowledge in the team members and improved retail sales. No more guessing on which nutrients or foods customers require. Or if their digestion and glucose metabolism are compromised. An answer is - Nutricheck"

Mario Calanna - B.Pharm. FAIM FACP MAICD - CEO Calanna Pharmacy Group

About Us

NutriCheck has been developed over 20 years by Dr Mel Sydney Smith, one of Australia's leading specialists in Nutrition Medicine. The program has also been used medical and pharmaceutical practitioners, but until now, it's been widely available

Strong client relationships and the advice you provide can be the difference between achieving ordinary and exceptional results. We pride ourselves on the partnership we have established over the past 20 years where we've helped identify and resolve nutrition matters.

There is no better time to enjoy the perks of a healthy lifestyle.
NutriCheck a leading health and wellness program

Talk to us today about how NutriCheck can provide healthier outcomes for your customers, community and pharmacy


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